Bonnie Fatio

This book is wonderfully suited to make the “fire in our belly” shine! To encourage us to put into practice what we really carry deep within us as a desire for change. To this end, Bonnie Fatio tells her story of how she, encouraged by her father and later by her husband, set out for the empowerment of women with the goal of moving things in the world for the better through the powerful implementation of female ideas.

She talks about the development of her successful mentoring organisation for women, “Inspired Women Lead”. Especially impressive for me is how she ensured from the beginning, through a strong team, that her vision became independent of her as a person and was based on the thoughts and ideas of several smart women. She created a leadership team that took the first steps into mentoring and continued to evaluate and consolidate these steps as they evolved into a structured and efficient programme. In a very short time several thousand women all over the world, women of different ages, from different social background and life situations got and get the possibility to support each other, and it’s accessible to every woman, regardless of money. In the meantime, big companies pay to empower their female employees through this programme because they understand the importance of female leaders.
Through case stories of some women, it becomes clear how strong and efficient the encouragement through the programme is and how it has an impact on the further development and strengthening of the programme and thus of other women.

Very special the stories she has experienced during her many travels around the world. Stories of women who show incredible care and circumspection in escorting visitors who are inexperienced in such scenery safely into a gorge and out again. Or women who fearlessly take giant steps against the backdrop of a society that is still completely patriarchal.

In addition to the exciting story of a special woman, this is a lesson in how a great idea in the right moment can be wisely implemented from the beginning and attract the right people and later supporters to make a difference to the world.