Ready for Female Leadership – The Future is Now

This collection of essays by members of the Professional Woman’s Network Netherlands is a treasure of experiential knowledge on female leadership. Of getting comfortable with enduring ambiguity and uncertainty, valuing difference and listening to the ideas of others instead of giving answers as a leader as many of the men currently working in high positions have still learned to do. The statements and calls to action at the end of each essay are as diverse as the authors who speak here – giving us readers a large range of possibilisies to think of our own ways.

I have been struck by how many names of prize-winning women economists I simply do not know – not yet (times as a conflict manager!) that of Scilla Ellworthy, who has been nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize for her contributions to tried and tested strategies for preventing destructive conflict.

Last but not least, the authors have agreed to invest the profits from the sale of the book entirely for the support of young women preparing for leadership positions.

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